After all, is travel loan a good option for vacations?

    For those who want to travel, but have not made proper financial planning and are concerned about the costs of this trip, an excellent alternative to make it possible may be through a special loan. These lines make life easier for those who want to travel, but have difficulties to fund the venture

What to do if someone took a loan in our name

  Identity theft is a situation that can happen to any of us. For example, the criminal who has taken over your personal data may take out a loan for it. It is not difficult, as the necessary funds can be obtained online by completing the appropriate form. If the loan company fails to exercise

Loans for those in debt with a bad story

Failure to repay your financial obligations on time can result in only one. Such a person will go to the register of debtors and will have problems with taking another loan. Whether in the bank or in one of the other companies that deal with their provision. What can you do to avoid this situation?

Which loan is cheaper?

In anticipation of the Swiss referendum on gold reserves and, as a result of the influence of Helvetians’ decisions on the value of the Swiss currency, we are checking how the Swiss franc installment has been developing in recent years against the installment of the same loan in the Polish currency. Borrowers in debt in